Bake a Cake

I love to bake. Since little dude arrived I have had to put the baking on the back burner but when I have a chance I love to break out the flour and sugar. I have been on the hunt for the perfect chocolate butter cream frosting. You know, the one that you go to because you know it will always turn out and depicts the perfect chocolatey treat. My mom is a master baker, seriously, she is ridiculous. She is the one who doesn't have recipes she just uses a pinch of this, pinch of that method. But she has the most amazing chocolate frosting and german chocolate cake recipe. I have found my perfect cream cheese frosting but have still not found "the one" for chocolate butter cream.

This frosting was pretty tastey but still not "the one". The hunt is still on but it was a yummy treat.

Also, I found out that my husband is a better photographer than I. I will have to utilize this new discovered talent more often :)

Happy Monday!


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