Chop It Off

Oye, after several attempts to rightfully capture my new haircut, I finished with these pictures. I did like the #1 No No of photography and took pictures late at night so the lighting was horrid. But that was the only time that Chad was available. I tried taking some on my own and they were laughable. Many of them only captured the top part of my head or my chin and below. It would be very funny if it weren't so frustrating. Annnnnnd, I am totally not wearing makeup. This was not the most successful photo shoot all around.

I have always been a short hair on girls fan. I think it takes courage and a pretty face to lop it all off. And, not very many women are comfortable with losing their length. I always loved having my "boy haircut" and would go back to it if I weren't a little bit on the chubby side (I did just have a baby). With a boy short haircut, I like my face to be a little thinner because I already have such a round face shape. I know that most men don't like short hair and prefer long flowing locks. Luckily, I married the coolest guy around who prefers my hair super short. Bless him.

Because I am not quite ready to have that pixie short haircut again, I went with a slightly longer "do" and am so pleased. The ever so fabulous Katrina Rasmussen was the stylist on this one. Thank you again!

Before. This was when I wasn't losing hair by the handfuls. Also, Haley, my hair was this length before, I think I may have dramatized it when speaking with you. Not intentional :)
You can see some of the blond highlights in the lower layers. I really love it, and the upkeep on the highlights is not nearly as intense. I love having short hair.
One of the T-Shirts that Chad got me for Christmas. Hilarious.
Little dude likes my T-Shirt AND my hair.

Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

your eyes look so blue in those haircut pics!

Jenny said...

Love the short hair! You look so chic. You may have just given me the courage to go get mine chopped.

Haley said...

Natalie Portman is 3x as attractive with short, short hair. If only Ty was as cool as Chad and if only I was as daring as you. I really do think boy-short hair can be stunning. Halle Berry, anyone? I LOVE your hair. Like, I want the exact same haircut. Is that awkward?