In a Funk

Look at the back of his cute head. Love it.

Hey all, Hilary here. It has been a week since my last post. This last week was busy, busy, busy, and I have been in such a funk. I can't seem to shake it but I know I will soon. We had a Funeral, Baptism, and Taxes this week. Lots of highs and lows I would say.

The past month or so I was really feeling like I was getting this whole Mommy-hood thing but last week I felt that feeling of accomplishment slip away. Geddy decided that napping was the worst and I have been experiencing a little frustration with breast feeding because I think I am pushing too hard. Geddy has been a great eater thus far but we are trying to transition off a nipple shield and I don't think he (or I) are quite ready (too much information? too bad). I also tend to compare myself and put pressure on myself as to what I should be doing or how Geddy should be doing. Every baby is different and I know that. I need to trust my Motherly instinct instead of wondering why our situation isn't exactly "by the book". I sometimes feeling like reading those parenting books make you feel worse.

Luckily, I have wonderful sisters and friends who tell me I am not a crappy Mother and that this feeling is normal. It happens to most everyone. I need to stop pushing, pushing, pushing and just feel it out. A Mother's instinct can be such a powerful thing and I have felt it before.

Also, I am having major hair troubles. I've been wearing my hair in the trusty ol' top knot a lot lately (as pictured above). Chad probably thinks he married a Samurai. I believe that the combination of it warming up outside and no longer being pregnant is making me lose a LOT of hair. Its quite scary after I wash my hair. I feel like I am going bald. And its been too long since I have had a haircut. Luckily, I am lopping it all off this Saturday and I CANNOT WAIT! It will feel so good, pictures to come.

Well, to close, we are doing well. I am just learning to be more patient with myself and I know things will get better. Here are some random pictures as of late.

Geddy with Grandpa de Lisle!
He always looks at me this way...

Happy Monday!



Gena said...

your hair grows back, promise! i always think i'm going to go bald. :) Enjoy the short hair.

Katrina said...

Yay for cutting your hair on Saturday! I'm excited its been a while since I've done your hair.

Haley said...

I'm excited to see your new haircut ... although Chad loves swords so maybe he finds the whole samurai thing pretty hot. And the fact that it's been a month since you've had a couple of funky days is a very good sign. Give it a week and you'll be amazed how things work themselves out.

Chase said...

yeah the hair thing is totally normal, it has to do with your hair having entered a rest stage during the last few months of pregnancy, so essentially all the hair you normally would have lost in those months happens all at once. Jen has super long hair and up until just recently I would think there was a dead animal in the shower, if she had gotten in first.