What was that?
There it was again.
Oh, hey Mom. 

Did you notice the new font and colors on ye' old blog? Yeah, pretty cool. So, what's been going on? I've been eating a lot of oatmeal lately, with too much brown sugar. So good. I have been battling some teenage acne on a crusade to make me angry. Probably from too much brown sugar. I've been crying in bed because I am so annoyed with this studid incision. Yeah, just cuz I haven't mentioned it in a while, doesn't mean that its gone. Its still around...haunting me. Been getting too little sleep (hence the crying in bed) because little Mister is going through a growth spurt. I have been blaming a growth spurt for different little things for the last several weeks. I swear this is the real deal though.

We have been incredibly blessed and enjoying company of family thats in town. I have been loving my short hair and the freedom its given me. Geddy has been wearing one of those fuzzy sleeping sacks for pajamas. I have been envying Geddy's sleeping sack. Do want. Been watching True Life and it makes me feel so normal.

I really am doing well though, that stuff up above is silly (yet annoying) but I am actally doing well :)

Happy Saturday!


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Haley said...

In that third picture he seriously looks a lot like Abby. Must be the blue eyes and the plump cheeks. I'm so sorry the incision saga continues! I was hoping that was old news.