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I don't usually borrow from other blogs but I just thought this would be a treat. Over on Harper's Happenings, she would highlight fellow mommy bloggers and ask them questions about how their style has changed since Mommy-hood. I liked the idea so well that I thought I would highlight myself (how terribly vain, huh?) I did make some changes and added a question or two.

I would love to see other Mommy's do the same on their blogs. Feel free to snag this from me because I would love to read about your developed Mommy Style.

How would you describe your stye?
I have always been a huge cardigan and skinnies with flats kind of girl. I've definitely got a funky nerd vibe thrown in there as well. I also enjoy skirts and dresses with heels but that is often just for Sunday attire. I adore anything with a peter pan color or a retro vibe. Alexa Chung is a long legged style wizard in my eyes and I am kind of irritated to admit but I would love Zooey Deschanel's closet, so cliche.

Alexa Chung
Zooey Deschanel

How has your style changed since you became a mom?
I wouldn't say that my style actually changed at all but it is more of a challenge to fit my "on the mend" figure. I can't wear just any old T-shirt with a cardigan over it any longer because I do have to be cautious of ye old "bread belly" and how to camouflage it. Hoping it becomes less of an issue as time goes on. Also, those fun silky shirts are kept for date nights when they are out of harms way to baby spit up and poopy blow outs. Sadly, I do spend a lot more time in sweats and a t-shirt...but I am trying and have all intentions to shake that once this incision is healed.

If you're having a particularly crazy day, what is the beauty/style step you absolutely will not skip?
Showering. I have to shower every single day or I feel icky and want to die. I don't wash my hair every day but I have to get soapy or I feel horrid. Even if its 7 pm, I will make sure I get a shower before bed. I would rather go showered with no make up than the opposite. If I have showered and have some extra time, I would throw on some mascara or do a full face of makeup. Sadly, hair comes last for me...

What would you like to improve in your future style?
As mentioned above, I would like to get more dressed for just a normal day. Get out of the sweats and jammies and into jeans and a decent top. I have always had a passion for clothing more than hair and makeup so I tend to take more pride in that. I feel like a person's attire can say so much about themselves. Its a fun way to be creative and feel put together. I would also like to get more creative with the closet that I currently have. With me being home, I don't have the income to be shopping like before, which I am okay with. It is an awesome challenge to become more creative!

Piece of Advice for new Moms who don't want to give up their style?
Don't rush anything. I had a particularly challenging recovery and I gave myself time to live in sweats and a baggy hoody. Luckily, my husband was incredibly understanding and told me I was beautiful anyway. It takes time to recover and you are absolutely allowed that. You did just have a human removed from your body, kind of a big deal.

Also, try on your clothes before hand. I found it helpful to take some time and try on different things without going out, like an at home fashion show. Its puts less pressure on you and helps you rediscover what works with your new figure and what doesn't. That way, when you have a date night, you already have an idea of what pieces are working for you which leads to less frustration. I have tried to find an outfit right before going out which led to me trying on 4 outfits that I hated and ended up going out for date and not liking my attire. So frustrating and can be a total mood killer.

Lastly, look for ideas elsewhere. Whether it be blogs, fashion magazines, or retail catalogs, find inspiration because it will spark your creativity and give you more options in your closet. Feeling shy about a new style? Wear it around the house while the spouse is at work and you are just with the little ones. They won't judge you :) If you feel too goofy in your own home, you probably won't feel comfortable out and about.

Happy Thursday!



Haley said...

My name is Haley, and I am in a style rut ... since about 2006. Ha ha. I bought those skinny jeans but am still to nervous to wear them. How silly am I?

Chad de Lisle said...

I need a hair cut. :(