Olson Family Dinner (Part 1)

The Olson Family gets together for a Sunday dinner at the beginning of each month. I am the youngest of 8 children so there are loads of people. My parents had grandchild #20 this year so our family dinners are lively! Because I have siblings who live out of state, I thought I would document our dinner so they can see all the kids and chaos. I tried to get pictures of as many people as possible. I told my mom I was taking candid pictures and she responded with "Well, if you follow me around you'll be sure to get some doozies." It cracked me up.

Some of the children weren't very enthusiastic of my picture taking but we did our best :) Also, I took so many pictures that I didn't want to try and cram them all into 1 post so this will come in 2 parts.

Troy, big smile! Trey in the background.
Ben and his little look alike, Eli!
Cache helping out Kimball. Ben's boys love the babies, its the sweetest thing.
Eli and Cache again attending to Kimball.
Eli in the torture rack. Its just tickling and the kids love it.
The torture rack ends with smiles from Eli and Grandpa.
My family seems to produce a lot of boys! 2 of the newer additions and soon to be playmates (once Geddy starts moving around), Kimball and Geddy!
Geddy shouting at his Daddy. He was mad about something. I ADORE baby profiles, too cute.
Grandpa, Chad, and Geddy.
Pretty little Kinley.
Happy Kimball.
Grandma! I don't know many women who will cook a Turkey and Ham for one dinner. Bless this woman!
Some of the family chatting after dinner!

Again, many more pictures in tomorrows post so PLEASE check back so you can see the rest. There are some fun ones.

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

Thank you for taking these pictures! It is so fun to see everyone. Troy and Cache haven't changed at all. Eli IS Ben, crazy. And Kinley is so pretty. I can't wait to visit!