Olson Family Dinner (Part 2)

Here are the remaining pictures from our Family dinner on Sunday. Enjoy!

Geddy wearing an outfit from his Great Grandma de Lisle!
Enjoying cake and ice cream.
Happy Eli. Notice the chocolate around his mouth?
Kimball teasing Justin. It was adorable :) Notice the brown stuff on Kimball's cheek? He got that from the kisses that Eli gave him.
Ryan, he got so old!
Getting ready for cake and ice cream.
Wonderful smile from Beck. What a handsome fellow!
The oh so stylish, Katie. She use her birthday money to go shopping. A girl after my own heart!
Ashley and Karina.
Trey and Ashley.
Thomas saying "cheese!" So cute.
Trey and Beck.

There you have it, a look into the Olson Sunday dinner. I love going to these events but we all miss those who are away.

Happy Tuesday!



Anonymous said...

A simple dinner get together is kinda wild with our fam. But boy do my kids love them.

Haley said...

Eli is killing me. He is SO Ben! Karina looks the exact same ... as she did when she was 2. Ryan is so old looking! Oh, and Ashley's teeth! She has the chicklet teeth you rocked when you were her age. Love it!