Q and A

Alright, I have been struggling to get my creative juices running lately. Hence, another survey for you. But they are just fun. I am currently holding a highly grumpy yet napping little boy on my lap. So, I thought I would throw up a quick post.

My sweet little fussy monster. Love him like crazy.

What are your most loved comfort foods?
Oh boy, comfort food is my middle name. I love food, so so so so much. I would say my most loved...candy (I am like a little kid), cake, coke slurpees, nachos, anything bad for you. I really love eating out at restaurants. Yeah...I love food. Also, my Mom's Turkey and Gravy (I craved it during my pregnancy), Lasagna, scones, and anything that she bakes.

What was the last great movie you watched?
Chad and I actually have started doing an "old movie night" on Sunday Nights. Its a way of doing a date night at home...with the baby and dog. We make a special treat and watch an old movie together. One that we watched recently was an old Japanese film called Hidden Fortress. It was funny but moving and overall super cool. Samurais are awesome.

What is your guilty pleasure CD, Song, or Band?
I actually planned to make a post of guilty pleasures but felt kinda shy. But here I will fess up a little bit. Some guilty pleasures would be that I absolutely love the Cranberries (huge guilty pleasure), REM, and even some Rihanna. Love that one song by Kelly Clarkson "Since You've Been Gone". Mock me not, totally listened to it during a break up in highschool. Also, ya know how everyone talks about how much they hate the radio and its totally sold out? I listen to the radio when I am in the car alone. I know, I should be stoned or something but I do. I have had some experience with the whole "Music Scene" in my past and I am not a fan. Its far too fussy and I choose not be involved. Even though I love a lot of music, I prefer not going to concerts. Too many people and just not my scene.

What do you do to vent anger?
I talk to myself. If I am mad at a person, I will have a pretend conversation and say all the things that I would never say to their face. This usually makes me more riled up which doesn't help the anger go away. I tend to have these pretend conversations while doing the dishes. The best way for me to vent my anger is to talk to Chad about everything. Poor guy has got to be so tired of hearing me talk :)

Who was your first movie star crush?
Oh geez, I was pretty boy crazy when I was little. I would have to say that I loved Spot from Newsies (weird, right?). Adored Teddy from Little Women. And lastly, the little boy from Casper, total heart throb. Then there was of course the classic JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). Or any band member from Hanson (except for the oldest brother, gross).

What are your favorite sounds?
When Geddy is eating and has to be interrupted to burp, he makes this tiny whiny fuss and its the cutest thing ever. Also, I love hearing him jibber jabber and coo. There is a noise in the game Skyrim when you harvest mushrooms. The snipping noise, its amazing. Lastly, I love it when my Puppy gets the hiccups.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

I totally have pretend conversations!!! It's usually while I'm in the shower, and boy do I have some zingers. I win, like, every argument. Boo-ya. Also, do not be ashamed of Kelly Clarkson. It's not your fault her tunes are toe-tappingly-catchy. Lastly, I'm sorry but I find Japanese-cartoon-movies terrifying. It's what nightmares are made of.

Crystal said...

I'm with Haley - I have conversations too! Not out loud, but definitely in my head. :) I also am unashamedly a fan of Kelly Clarkson. Josh says I'm still a teeny-bopper at heart. And, first movie star crush...I am with you completely on Spot!!! Where did that lovely eye candy boy disappear to? Why isn't he a mega super star? Oh that's right, looking back, he really wasn't that great of an actor, but boy, he had the looks! Oh Hil, I feel like we are such good friends. :) Ha!

I love all the pics of Geddy. What a stud! Keep 'em comin'!

Chad de Lisle said...

OH MAN! The SNIP is amazing in Skyrim!! Best noise ever!