Sunday Best!

I am thinking this will be a new category of posts. Where we post the boy and mama in our Sunday best (or whatever day of the week we look cutest). Oh and obviously, I totally cut my hair and it feels SO good. These pictures don't even do the haircut justice because it is second day hair (thats right, I didn't wash it and used dry shampoo, more on that later) but I will post a better picture of it later. My fabulous good friend did it and really did a bang up job. I love it.

Happy Sunday!



Zach Stewart said...

Hey! Next time let me cut your hair!

Haley said...

I love your hair cut! I want to cut mine this very second! It's really cute and summery. Oh and I love your animal print flats. And I love Geddy. I kinda want to eat him up.

Sirisha said...

Love your outfit. I am excited to see you guys and have the little boys "play" together.