4 Months Old

4 months old! Wowee the time does go fast. 3 months was by far my favorite month so far and I imagine that 4 months will be even better. I have told others that if babies came out 3 months old and skipped the newborn stage, I would have dozens of little ones, dozens! However, they do not so we will not have dozens, we will go with a much more modest number. I realize that not many people will want to see this many pictures of my little lad. Its more for myself :)

Loves grabbing his legs.

He has become a major wiggle bug.
Our photo shoot ended like this.

Our little dude is STRONG. He has always had awesome head control since day 1 but he has become even stronger since then (obviously). He LOVES to stand, he either likes to be laying flat or standing. He loathes any reclining position like in his car seat or bouncy chair.

Though he loves standing, he has no desire to roll over. We have been religious with tummy time but he will not take the plunge. I know he is plenty strong and will even roll to his side a bit while on his back but he doesn't find it necessary to roll over all the way.

He talks and babbles like crazy. Even more yelling/shouting. And he LAUGHS. Oh, that laugh. So magical and even more rewarding. He laughs with his Daddy the most. I have to work ridiculously hard to get a chuckle but Daddy is the funniest fellow to our little mister. He definitely loves Daddy.

The last few weeks, Geddy  has begun to get very distracted while nursing. While I have had this cold, if I ever coughed or sneezed, he stopped everything and looked at me in shock. Though it was adorable, it was kind of frustrating because I was coughing and sneezing a lot. He has also become more efficient while nursing so once he is done he will stop and look at me and smile or laugh than continue eating. He will do this for several minutes until I can tell he is clearly done. Its an awfully flirty smile too, this boy may be trouble.

As mentioned before, Geddy just had his first cold. Its not completely gone, he has a bit of a cough and a little funky nose but the worst is over. I must declare that he was an absolute champion through the entire thing. He was still smiley and tried his hardest to sleep. I was truly grateful for how wonderful he was.

We have finally found a pacifier that he likes! We tried the big green ones from the hospital but he couldn't figure it out. He would just end up spitting it out. He does enjoy the NUK pacifiers and can actually keep them in his mouth pretty well. I must say that its quite a relief that he will take one, it makes nap time an absolute breeze.

Speaking of nap time, we have finally figured the whole thing out. He is a total cat napper. Most naps don't last longer than an hour so he usually has about 3 of them through out the day. But he goes down like a breeze. Even while he was sick, he was happy to nap. At night he usually sleeps about 8 hours and then wakes up to eat and goes right back down. This cold, however, has made him wake up 2 times a night instead.

As he gets older, I get to know him even better. He is the sweetest little boy. He is very happy and extremely pleasant. He loves bath time with Daddy and still loves eating. We still get a smile every time we go and pick him up after he sleeps. We are crazy over this little dude.

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

what a little stud

Haley said...

I'm so glad that I've finally been able to hold this little charmer!