Mother's Day

Obviously, my days are slightly askew because I am just now writing about Mother's Day but I did want a moment to post about it.

I have an incredible Mom, whom I love dearly. She is one of those women who could have a screaming baby on her lap and still carry on a pleasant conversation with someone while trying to soothe the little one. She knows how to bake anything and remembers all her recipes by heart. My mom is one of the most graceful, loving, patient, beautiful woman that I know. I love her and am so grateful for her and aspire to be like her.

I also have a remarkable Mother-in-Law. She is such a courageous, passionate, inspired, caring, woman. I think of her as the modern day Mother Teresa because she has cared for so many people, especially those in need of spiritual boosting. She taught her son to be loving, patient, and so faithful to his quirky, particular wife (me). I love her and thank her for raising a spectacular man.

(Sorry for all the listing going on here!)

I am especially grateful to be a Mama this year for the first time. On Mother's day, I was helping my own little fellow through the worst of his cold and I thought it was fitting on such a Holiday. Being a Mother is extraordinary. I have loved it so very much. I am almost speechless of the joy it has brought to my life. "Special" is the word I would use to describe Motherhood, I would even say that its rather sacred.

For Mother's day, I got flowers (as always) but I requested something else really special to me. About a year ago, I lost my diamond wedding band in a freak incident. I dropped it at work and it completely disappeared, never to be seen again. It made me so sad because that was from Chad and it was special. Since then, I have just had my engagement band which I love but wanted to add to it. I have kind of liked not having diamonds just because its different so I chose to add some rings that weren't diamonds either (plus, it less expensive :))

I decided to get two small, simple, rings with the initials of the two "Men in my Life". I like the way they stack with my others rings and it makes me remember what our special wedding day has created, a family :) Though tempted to get another initial ring for my pup, I refrained but she is ALWAYS thought as part of our family.

Initial rings for "Geddy" and "Chad".
Worn with my other "Wedding" rings.

I hope everyone had a delightful Mother's Day!

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

You are such an awesome mom! I have loved watching you with Geddy. I'm glad you had a great day!