Out for a Stroll

This is one of those weeks where I just haven't had much to say. Its been kind of a lazy week. Yesterday, we got some J-Dawgs and went to my wonderful Brother-in-Law's softball game which was an absolute blast. Of course I forgot our camera and my phone died so no pictures were taken. It was so nice to get out as a family and watch some ball, Chad had an itching to jump in the game but had to refrain. I am terribly sad I didn't get to take pictures, it wouldn't have been a perfect setting.

Geddy has finally begun to enjoy (or at least tolerate) daily walks with the Pup. He used to sit in his car seat which would then fit into the stroller but he absolutely detested that. Now we have moved into the "big boy" part of the stroller and he has actually taken a liking to the whole thing, I believe. We still strap him in but he is still kinda small for the straps to be super fitted, so we have to be cautious.

And some other current photos of our Little Dude. 


Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

Dear Geddy,

I miss you. Stay cool this summer. Talk 2U soon.