Sick as a...Dog?

Well, the past two weeks, our family has been sick as a dog. Oddly enough, our pup was the healthiest one out of us all so that phrase doesn't really work here. It started with Chad getting really sick, then Geddy catching it, and I following at the back just caught it and I feel TERRIBLE. I am being such a big baby. BUT I was so pleased that we got through Geddy's first cold and he is STILL alive! Serious sense of accomplishment. For reals, I have been dreading that first cold because I knew it would come eventually. He is doing really well and is definitely on the mend and getting better each day.THANK GOODNESS! I also must say that he was a total champion through the whole thing. That boy is a fighter I tell you, don't let that gummy smile fool you :)

Because of the sickness, I have slacked with ye ol' blog. I just didn't feel up to it, ya know? But, I mustered the strength (I'm such a boob) and thought I would throw up a quick post.

I have had lots of people ask me who Geddy looks like so I found some baby pictures of us both so everyone could compare. I do apologize ahead of time, both photos are pictures of pictures so the quality is not amazing.



There you have it! Regardless of who he looks like, I still find him deliciously adorable. And he is now 4 months. I will be doing a 4 month post here in the near future (if I can muster some more strength).

Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

Holy cow he looks like you! What a cutie! I hope you guys feel better soon.

Chad de Lisle said...

stinker face