Tummy Time

The Pup quite cross with me because I wasn't playing tug of war.
I cannot get this lad to smile when I have my good camera.
 I have a fear that I am not going to take enough pictures of my son. Like the days will vanish away and I will only have 3 pictures of his childhood. Chad and I are renowned at forgetting the camera when we need it most. I am determined to take as many photos as I can possibly remember. 

Today was one of the days I remembered! Our photo shoot theme? Tummy Time! Though we do Tummy Time everyday, I don't think we do it quite long enough. After several minutes he begins to fuss and buries his face in the ground so I flip him on his back. I need to do better, how else is this boy going to learn how to move? I guess we do Tummy Time a few times a day in short increments but I will do better! 
Big Sister, although mad I'm not playing, joins tummy time. 
Trying to keep the head up even though he is getting so so tired.
The weight is becoming too much.
Exhausted but happy to find a fist to suck on.
Happy Friday!


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Sirisha said...

I love how high he can raise his head! Such a strong boy!