5 Months Old

Geddy boy is officially 5 months old today. Its amazing to watch him grow and progress. He is definitely the apple of my eye and I, begrudgingly, have become one of "those" Moms who is a bit obsessed with their little one. Its just so miraculous to see this little person who has yours and your spouse's traits. Still in awe.

Our little dude is all about yelling, squealing, and making boy noises. He loves blowing bubbles and is a slobber monster. He adores the feel of wind or when you lightly blow in his face. It takes his breath away for a moment and then he smiles.

Smiling at Daddy.
He kept moving Murphy the Moose so we had to scoot him over.

Geddy grabs his feet and legs all the time. He will roll onto his side while on his back but has only rolled over from tummy to back twice. He has showed no further interest in the matter.

Still a very distracted nurser but he loves to eat. One of my favorite things is while he nurses, if you run your finger across the bottom of his foot, he will point his toe every time. Just today as he was nursing just in a diaper, I was lightly tickling his back and when I went across his ribs, he stopped everything and bust out in laughter. I kept doing it because it was, quite frankly, the cutest thing. Ever. We are finding that he is quite ticklish.

Though he looks a lot like me as a baby, his smile is just like Chad's. Lucky boy got Daddy's big smile rather than Mama's wimpy, tiny smile. He has started to play with toys, he loves those linking rings and toy key ring. He can grab onto them and put them right in his mouth. He grabs onto everything and likes to scratch things. We've had to be militant about keeping his nails shorts. He has also become terribly talented at grabbing his pacifier out of his mouth and uncontrollably tossing it. Not my favorite trick of his.

He still loves bath time with Daddy. He has really taken a liking to Chad. Always stares at him and smiles like crazy whenever he is in the room. He still dislikes his carseat greatly but has found a liking for his stroller which is a relief! He still looks at Bobbie and will sometimes even try to reach for her but she is way too fast.

Our photo shoot ended like this. 

He has slept 12 hours straight twice and 11 hours straight, once. Its not quite consistent but I do love that he is at least capable of it. He naps pretty well but is very much a cat napper so they are short, only about an hour. But, its still a nice break for his Mama.

Thats our little dude. Sorry for all the pictures and the huge post, I just don't want to forget anything about him.

Happy Sunday!



Haley said...

Such a cutie! I think it's great that you document the little details because babies change so fast and we moms forget so fast.

sip-n-wear said...

aw your baby is precious... enjoy these baby moments... i have a 15 month old baby boy, and i really don't know how he's already 15 months old... seems like yesterday he was a teeny tiny baby in my arms...