Being a Father by Chad

Here is a post from my amazing Husband! These are Chad's thoughts on Fatherhood.

Papa and Son

"Today is my first father’s day. Well, not really my first, but the first on which I’m actually a father. 

The experience of fatherhood has stirred emotions and ideas within me that are completely unexpected. The first is that of imperfection. Since Geddy’s arrival, I’ve been consumed with my own failings as an individual. I’ve been vexed with how imperfect I am in the grand scheme of things and how far I have yet to go. It’s almost as if I’m afraid that every poor decision, sin, or error I commit will damage my son. Perhaps it’s the pressure of having a captive audience. Sure, there was pressure in being the oldest son in a family of sons, pressure to set the pace and to lead by example, but knowing that my child is looking and will look to me as his definition of manhood truly frightens me. 

I did the same with my own father. I learned that being a man wasn’t about puffing out your chest, never backing down, or how strong you were; it was about patience, self-control, and perseverance. More than anything it’s about priorities. My father never put anything before his boys except for my mother, and he told us that was the way it would always be. There’s honesty in that. I never had to guess with my father because he always kept his word. When he told me that his door was always open, that I could talk to him about anything without being afraid of him getting angry, I believed him. You see, my father was easy to understand. He had a few simple rules, and once you got a handle on them you felt the peace that comes from consistency, from predictability. If you respected him he respected you, and if you were going to survive in his world then you’d better learn some common-sense. But it wasn’t enough to know the rules, you had to live them, and in living them you became more like he was: A calm man of devotion. A man committed to his family above all else. A man who believed in fairness, and whose greatest fear was that his children would think he wasn’t trustworthy. We never did. 

Perhaps the pressure that I’m feeling is born out of my admiration for my own father. He set the bar so high I’m afraid I won’t measure up. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try."

Thank you Chad, that was amazing!

Happy Sunday and Father's Day!



Haley said...

When I die, Chad is to write my eulogy. He is awesome.

Chad de Lisle said...

Thank you so much Haley! Ha ha ha!