Daddy, Papa, Father, Dad

This is my second time writing this post because I somehow deleted the other one. The one I previously wrote was huge. Like, 6 or 7 full paragraphs. I nearly threw my computer at the wall because I was so mad.

ANYWAY. This post is dedicated to Daddies everywhere but especially my Father and My Baby's Father.

First off, I have an incredible Father. How do I describe Ron? He is a strong, secure, loving man. Growing up, I always felt so safe and secure in our home. My Dad has gone through a lot in his life with both his parents passing away while my Dad was young and that has made him self sufficient and stable. My Father is assertive and gets stuff done. I have learned to love making lists, planning things, and problem solving from my Father.

My Dad High School Jr. Favorite picture.

One thing that I will always cherish is how involved he was with my in my childhood and teenage years. I played sports all growing up; basketball, tennis, and softball mostly. My Dad missed MAYBE 2 games in my whole life. He was always there, I always knew I had someone there cheering for me. He was so dedicated to me and supported me. He knew the players on my team, my game schedule, and he was always encouraging. These times were so special to me, I was really grateful to have that time to bond with my Dad and will never forget them.

My Dad with My Mom

Now to discuss my Baby Daddy. Oh Chad, I get teary eyed just thinking about your new role of being a Father. Chad completely blew me away with how gracefully he slipped into the role of a Dad. I remember thinking "This seems easier for him than for me". He truly impressed me with how protective, supportive, and eager to be involved he was. I cannot express my gratitude enough. 

My Dad and My Baby Daddy
I remember crying in frustration in the middle of the night feeling so alone as I held a screaming baby. And out of our bedroom comes an exhausted Daddy to bounce our baby boy to sleep. Chad has saved me, more times than I would like to admit. He has this secret source of patience and I want to know where he got that special power. Chad has asked me a few times "Do you think Geddy knows that I love him?" and that question shows his love.

Chad with Geddy on the day he was born.
One last thing I want to talk about is Chad being a "Daddy" to our Bobbie. Some may roll your eyes but a good man has a soft spot even for a dog. One of my biggest fears (oddly enough) with having a new baby was the transition of our furry baby. There are books written specifically to help your dog transition to a new baby. Its a big deal and be traumatizing to EVERYONE involved. Bobbie is used to getting a walk every day. If she doesn't, she is bouncing off the walls. While pregnant, I walked Bobbie most the time because it was  good source of exercise but once this little boy came and having a C-Section, there was no way I could do it. Chad stepped up and took care of our little pup. He gave her special loves when I was nursing, he walked her religiously, he took her potty, he helped her transition to our new little one. Bobbie has always ADORED Chad and this only enhanced her love for him.

Baby Boy with his Papa
Though this post doesn't have as much detail as its' original, I am so grateful for my Father and the Father of my Son. I feel so blessed.

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

Dad is a rock. He's still someone I turn to when I have a problem I can't tackle. It's like, when I feel like something is too hard to handle, I tell Dad because HE will be able to handle it and that makes the problem seem less daunting.

Chad is an awesome Daddy. Geddy is an awesome baby. They deserve eachother.