Do You Like Fudge?

For a sweet treat this week, Chad and I went to the BYU Bookstore and bought Fudge. Fudge will always remind me of a time when my Mom made homemade Divinity and Fudge and we took it to my great Aunt's house in Salt Lake. She was old and a super funny lady who got glamour shots of herself taken when she was like 60 years old. A real character. I am fond of that memory because my childhood was awesome.

We got 3 different kinds and split them. Clockwise: Mars Bar, Vanilla Praline, and Classic Chocolate. Chad and I agreed, the classic chocolate was the best. The other two were quite tasty but far too rich for our liking. In fact, with the Vanilla Praline, I ended up just pulling out the caramel and eating that because the "Vanilla" was way too much. 

It was a fun little outing and rather tasty taboot. Though I am nearly in a sugar coma, it was worth it :)

Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

what the fudge?!

Haley said...

Yum I love fudge. And oh Aunt Edna, Esther, Eva? I think it was Eva. Remember when she stood up too quick and then had to squat and gather her balance? She was a hoot. I still can't believe we voluntarily went on those visiting trips. We were awesome daughters.

Jenny said...

Yummy! I had one semester where the fastest way between classes was walking right past the bookstore fudge case. You're right...the Vanilla Praline is a bit of overload.