A Fond Farewell to a Friend

I write this post with a sad heart. Not too sad but appropriately sad. Do you ever have that favorite shirt that fits so comfy and is super flattering? Or that pair of butt pants, you know, the ones that make your butt look great. Well, one of my favorite pairs of flats have sadly run their course.

This particular pair got me through my pregnancy, super comfy, slips ons, no hassle, and an amazing color that drew the attention to my feet and not my oversized belly. They went through a lot of wear and tear and were so forgiving of my then, swollen feet.

These photos are a little embarrassing because just earlier today, I was wearing these favorite shoes. Yes, with holes and all and I basked in their comfort the entire time.

Did anyone else have this problem with their Gap City Flats?

Just like when a family loses their old dog, they must fill the void with a new, young, spry, pup. I plan to do the same thing with a new pair of red flats. I have searched a little here and there and am trying to find some that are affordable, the perfect color, and hopefully just as comfy. But just like that family who loses their furry companion, my red city flats will never be forgotten.

Steve Madden Vegass
Gap Ballet Flats
Vince Camuto Ellen Flat

RIP Little Pretties.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Some may have not heard but my incision (AKA Gregory) has healed! It took almost 6 months but I now have a fresh, tender, scar in place of a gaping hole. Blessed day!!!


Haley said...

I'm so happy Gregory is gone! He was so annoying. I love all three of those flats, but I'd say the gap ones are my favorite. I love bright colored flats!

Sarah Schwieger said...

Oh man, I have two pairs of those Steve Madden flats! They take a little breaking in though. But! as testament to how much I love them, I actually got one pair re-soled because I'd walked right through them. Totally worth it.