A Fun Day in the Sun

Wowee. I am absolutely EXHAUSTED. I can barely see straight. Today was a super fun day but busy, to say the least.

We started off the day by going to a fun "Splash Pad" in Highland. Have you ever been to a Splash Pad before? Its pretty much fountains with a small man made "stream" going through it. Its all cement and meant to be played in by children. Totally free and super fun for the kids. I thought it was brilliant for the city to put one in. I had never known these things even existed!

Though Geddy only got his feet in the water for but a moment and then began crying, he still wore his swim gear and loved being outside with his cousins. I am so lucky to have such amazing Sister-in-Laws (and sisters :) ). My brothers all married amazing women.

Our swimmin' outfit!

I didn't get in the water myself because Dear Gregory has a soft scab over him. Thats right, this incision is totally on its way out. Booya body, you show it whose boss.

Tangent: can I just say how impressed I am to any Mother who has more than 1 child? I stand amazed as I watch people wrangle kiddos and still have a smile on their face. I only had Geddy this afternoon and I need a vacation. You inspire me ladies.

Once we were done with at the Splash Pad, I headed home and put Geddy down for a, far too short, nap. After awakening, it was off for a walk with our pup. Geddy has started to really enjoy his stroller (thank heaven) and so the 3 of us go on walks everyday. Bobbie so appreciates the time out of the house, can't blame her.

This sun hat is the best thing ever. So glad I spent the $10 on it.

Immediately after our walk, I packed the little dude back up and we went to go pick up Daddy from work. On the way home, we stopped at J-Dawgs and went to my brother-in-law, Jordy's, softball game. So fun. Plus, Grandpa de Lisle and Jordy's darling girlfriend, Katie, were there too, so we enjoyed their company also!

Ever had this one? So good. 

As the game was drawing to a close, Geddy became antsy and ready to be done with the day. It didn't help that it was so hot and the sun was beating down on us. We were trying with all our might to keep Geddy in the shade.

There you have it. You may think "thats not too much sun" or "that doesn't sound exhausting". Keep in mind, this porcelain beauty (yes, I just called myself a beauty, thank you very much) does not sun tan or enjoy heat. She is the person trying to find shade as she is walking out to her car in the parking lot. So, it was a big day for my little ol' self. I am now enjoying my air conditioning on high.

Happy Friday!


P.S. We got an Exersaucer this week! Geddy so enjoys it, as you can tell. Thanks Grandma Glenna!

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Haley said...

What a fun day! I wish I could have been at the splash pad. Oh man, I miss all my Olson women.

I think bought the exact same hat for Abby, only pink. I remember thinking, "$8 bucks is a lot for a baby hat" but now I use it every stinking day. Our bald and fair babies need to be shaded. Best 8 bucks I've ever spent!