Geddy and the Exersaucer

Geddy recently got an exersaucer. Since he has ALWAYS preferred standing over anything else, an exersaucer was a perfect fit. He is able to stand in the center and be surrounded by brightly colored toys. Not only can he stand but he can bounce in it too! Though bouncing is fun, it sometimes gets a little out of hand and we have to step in to stabilize the toy and the boy.

Cheeks for days.
So focused.

I realize that I am posting a ridiculous amount of pictures but to be frank, this is about 1/3 of the pictures I took during this specific shooting. He just made so many cute faces.

When the bouncing got kind of crazy. 
Looking at Daddy.

Also, Geddy has officially started rolling over (from his tummy to his back). I was questioning if he was ever going to get up the gusto but he finally took the plunge. We practice everyday and he is getting pretty good. He gets his shoulders stuck though so some days it takes a bit of time to relearn the whole thing but by golly, he is doing it!

Blooper picture.

Lastly, Little Dude is starting to wear 6 month clothes. Its always nice to pull out a new size of clothing, I feel like we are accomplishing something.

Happy Picture Overload Tuesday!



Haley said...

I miss him! I'm glad he's loving that exersaucer. They are wonderful, wonderful inventions.

Chad de Lisle said...

those pics turned out SO well!!