Hey! Look Who Got Dressed!

I should REALLY be sleeping right now, its officially 12:42 am on Saturday.

So, I have a hard time finding a happy medium with my attire. I am either totally ready or, shamingly, in my jammies with not a stitch of make-up. I'm an all or nothin' kinda girl. To document my readiness, I have pictures. They are simply from my phone but documented they shall be!

Last night, we went to Tucanos to celebrate Chad's victory of taking a hard test at work, which he totally passed. Not only did he pass but he did the best on his whole team. I married I smart one, I did. He was nervous for nothing.

My handsome (and totally bald) baby boy.
I got so ready, I'm not even wearing my glasses. Which means I couldn't really see.

We decided to brave the date by taking our little dude with us. Haha, how silly of us to take a 5 1/2 month old to an evening dinner. He was actually pretty good considering the fact that it was his fussiest time of day. We tried putting him in a high chair but he really was not a fan. After trying to wrangle him by holding him while we ate, we decided to lay him on the table. Thats right, we are one of those people who brings their baby to dinner and ends up laying him on the table.

My Baby chillin' on the table at Tucanos, no big.

Though I was slightly embarassed/traumatized, we finished our dinner without any screaming so those around us couldn't have been bothered. Weirded out, maybe, but not irritated.

Again, no glasses...weird.

I was proud of us, none the less. We didn't let having a baby keep us down! We packed up our little family and swallowed our pride. Hence the Baby Boy on the table situation.

Happy Saturday!



Haley said...

I really do love your hair! It is tempting me to cut my own. Also, I loved the post on sons. What a sweet relationship.

his little lady said...

loving those gladiator sandals pinned with the chambray top. just perfect!
xo TJ