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Oh boy, I am writing this post much later than I usually do in the day. Reason being, I have been working on this project and it, sadly, took longer than I intended. This happens to me far too often when I craft. By the end, all the hard work and frustration results in a very mediocre product.

I had been looking for a Car Seat "Canopy" or "Tent" for Geddy for a while now but the one that I really wanted would have been $50 and others had too many conflicting prints for my liking. No thank you. So, I thought to myself "Hey, I can sew. This doesn't look too hard". I found an "easy" pattern here.

I started by going to Joann's Fabric store which ended up being my nemesis in this project. That place is the worst. They have awful fabric and a poor selection of common craft supplies, such as velcro.

And did I mention they have awful fabric? Reminded me of the stuff you would find at Quilted Bear in the 90's. Horrible.

Leaving disheartened, I drove past a small place called "The Cotton Shop" in Provo and was pleasantly surprised by their selection! Heading home, I got started. This seems like a project that could easily be done in 2 hours. Unfortunately, it took me 2 days. Because I was only working on it during nap time and a little in the evening, it was prolonged. Also, my sewing machine is not great. Its very basic and struggled through the thickness of the velcro.

Chevron is the front, grey is bottom.
Because of this, there are bits that look, admittedly, shoddy. Shoddy as if I was sewing with my eyes closed. Believe me, they were wide open. After considering redoing parts of this project I decided to leave it. I was already loosing steam with the whole thing.

My simple sewing supplies.

Overall, I am pretty pleased. Not overwhelming excited but it will work. And I do like the fabric, its very "me" (even though the 50+ year old woman at the fabric store thought it was a wild choice).

This has definitely fulfilled my crafting itch for the year.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

Go Hil! I'm so impressed! I, for one, like your fabric choice. And when did you get a SEWING MACHINE?

Chad de Lisle said...

It is the best. Love it.