To Flutter: when a Mama is scurrying around cleaning odds and ends but never completing anything because she can't keep up with her brain.

That is one of Chad's coined terms. He will tell me to stop fluttering when we are trying to relax at night. Sometimes I just can't relax until something is done.

I've been fluttering a lot lately. Our place has been more cluttered then I would like to admit but I have just been so distracted. I'm generally very tidy but it seems like Bobbie's toys and the Baby's things have taken over.

Also, I have been stubbing my toes more than humanly possible AND I have ingrown toenails (too much info, too bad). Does anyone have magical remedies for ingrown toenails? I would love to hear them if you do!

Geddy and I in our Jammies.

The pictures started to get weird.
But Geddy's face remains the same. 

I realize this post seems a bit dreary but we are really doing well and are very happy. Geddy is growing
like crazy and is cute as a button.

Happy Fluttering Tuesday!



Haley said...

Geddy is a stoic little fellow in his cute jammies. I love his button nose. It literally looks like a button.

Chad de Lisle said...

I LOL'd when i saw these pics!