Saturday Out and About

Today was a lazy day for us, at least for me. Chad was an absolute champion and worked on getting his FAFSA application and other school stuff squared away and then went grocery shopping, all while I was asleep. He is the nicest fellow I know.

We chilled at home for most the afternoon. I went on my first run in WAY too long. My incision is close to being a memory of the past so I was able to exercise for the first time. I nearly died because I am so out of shape but it felt good at the same time.

After I got showered, we packed up the little dude and went to Smash Burger. I LOVE Smash Burger. Because I am generally not fond of burgers, I do adore their chicken, bacon, ranch, and avocado sandwich. Plus they have awesome sweet potato fries and fried pickles. Cannot go wrong.

So good food. Sorry for the cell phone picture.

As always, we didn't know how Geddy was going to do but he was quite the gentleman throughout the entire experience. We even stopped by Walmart to get some last minute groceries and he was as chipper as could be.

Blowing bubbles. A favorite pastime. 


It was indeed a lovely Saturday. I love the weekends.

Happy Saturday!


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Zach Stewart said...

I love you guys. Me and Cherry really want to see you!