Shoe of the Day!

We have a special shoe of the day because its a DOUBLE shoe of the day. Both Mama and Baby version! Yipee!

First off, Grandma Glenna bought these little flip flops for our Little Dude and they are too cool for school! They frame is little baby feet perfectly. Aren't baby feet wonderful? With little grape toes and totally flat arches. Geddy has started grabbing at his feet and I just adore it. 

The boy definitely got Mama's long toes.
Thanks Grandma Glenna!

Second shoe of the day! I got these a few weeks ago because I was returning something to a store and saw them and just made it an even exchange :) The color just screamed spring time.

I didn't realize how tall they were until I arrived home and put them on. I am super tall while wearing them, to say the least. Although, being on the "taller side" my whole life, it doesn't really bother me anymore. I used to be teased, in fact I was referred to as "Mountain" by my friend's older brother. It was fine though because he had bigger hips than I ever have and I am a woman. So...who really got the crappy end of that stick?

ANYWAY, sorry for the tangent. This pair is really rather comfy but kind of intimidating to walk in at first. I decided to pair it with this skirt and shirt a few Sundays ago. I decided to brave the mixing of patterns and was rather pleased with the outcome.

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

Geez, who is the mean brother? Mountain is pretty harsh. And I love Geddy's blue shirt. He's dashing.