Sleeping Babies

Geddy will no longer sleep in our arms. He, sadly, grew out of that at 3 months so it's been too long since I got to feel it.

At 4am, after his middle of the night feeding, he was sound asleep so I took the opportunity to hold him close and rock him as he slept. I missed that feeling, the dead weight, squishy cheeks pressed on my shoulder. It's a wonderful feeling. You feel so important, you feel like a good Mama.

One of Geddy's favorite things is to wrestle with Daddy. I captured some quick pics with my phone. Chad will pull him up on his chest and wrap his arms around him and will gently move back and forth and make wrestling noises. Geddy's wrestling name is Rowdy Red Face and he is all smiles.

Geddy always seems to win the match.

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

Wrestling with daddy, so cute. I think that might be the #1 reason Ty wants a son. Girls just aren't much fun to wrestle with. Oh, and holding sleeping babies. I miss that so stinking much.