The Spouse Cooks!

So, my honey loves to cook.

Which means that I am the luckiest lady around.

Last night, my spouse made us grilled marinated pork chops, dill mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. To top it off we had Simply Apple apple juice. Have you ever had that juice, its like eating candy and I love it!

Our apartment smelled amazing while he was cooking. Yum.

Simply Apple apple juice

We do things a little funny in our house with dinner. My husband often cooks and I nurse the baby or fuss with the pup. I have asked him multiple times if he would rather not cook after a long day at work and he always responds"no, I like doing the cooking". I am relieved because I am okay with cooking but its not my forte. I would rather bake a cake or delightful cheesecake. He is the cook, I am the baker.

Thanks my darling, dinner was beyond delicious as usual :)

Happy Thursday!



Diana Marks said...

looks delicious!

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Haley said...

Those potatoes look divine! I'm like Chad, cooking dinner is my favorite part of the day. I just love food.

Chad de Lisle said...

thanks sweety.