Star Wars Craft and Bouncing Thoughts

My thoughts are all over the place today. Like that old computer game where the ball would bounce of a board and hit bricks. You know the one. Luckily, all the jumbly thoughts are pleasant ones.

The kind of thoughts where I get teary eyed as I walk my pup and babe because I am just so darn happy.

Something else that I am so excited about is about a little craft I am going to start doing. I really am not a crafter and the fact that I am doing 2 in 1 year is kinda bogus. Its going to take some time but thats okay because little dude is still so little. I am going to make a Star Wars Quiet book. I bought the instructions on Etsy for $10 and it is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I can't believe how charming it is. The images below are from Etsy, I haven't started mine yet. There are more pages than the ones shown below.

There are lots of little details so I imagine it will be time consuming and frankly, frustrating but again, little dude is still little so I've got some time. I'm eager to get started and hope I don't get too frustrated.

Happy Friday!


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Mandy Ferrugia said...

Oh wow, that's amazing! My uncle and his family adore Star Wars, they would totally freak out over something like this.
Have fun making it! It's going to be awesome when you're all done!