This Week


Its been a weird week. I chipped my tooth on a glass cup, my front tooth to be exact. Never wanting to go to the dentist, ever, I am just gonna let it slide. Its not noticeable unless you get super close and I point it out but still weird.

We had 2 doctor appointments this week which always make me nervous. And my sleep has been all sorts of wacky. I can't turn off my brain and then get nervous because I know I need to sleep because the boy will wake up soon. Lame.

On a lighter note, I got to see The Avengers FINALLY!!! It totally blew me away. I am actually planning on doing a separate post and raving all about it.

Hoping for a more normal week next week. One thats less funky.

Happy Saturday!


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Haley said...

I'm sorry about the son-of-a-gun kinda week. But I'm excited to hear what you thought about the Avengers. I will withhold from you my favorite Avengers character until I hear your review!