6 Months Old

Another Geddy post because its a special week! Its hard to believe that 6 months ago, I was being cut open and my baby boy was being born. It was such a crazy day, so exhausting, exciting, and terrifying.

You can tell I felt amazing.

My c-section incision battle has since ended, the swelling has gone away, and that baby boy has started rolling, laughing, wiggling, and chewing his little grape toes. We are so grateful to have him. I love being a Momma but even more so, I love being HIS Mama.

Very Perplexed
Right in his mouth.
Spread eagle.

Geddy is now rolling both directions with quite ease. He isn't a real motivated mover though, he just rolls casually. He does that swimming and wiggling motions while on his tummy and is just starting to eat solids (we are a little late on that train, ooops, my bad). Geddy can sleep through the night but sometimes decides not to. He laughs all the time, smiles, chews his toes, and gets quite angry when you walk away from him.

As always, our little dude is quite the shouter. Just this last Sunday, we saw him act out for the first time. I was giving him a bottle and paused to burp him and he let us know that was not acceptable. There was bouncing and yelling and a great amount of fuss.

Toe chewer.

Geddy has started to smile at his Big Sissy, Bobbie. He has even reached for her a few times but our little lady is too swift to let that happen. Geddy doesn't have patience for sitting. He is still quite wabbly when he tries and immediately arches his back so that he can stand. Oh how he loves standing. His new favorite is to bounce violently while you hold him in a standing position. Its a work out. All toys, blankets, fingers, objects go directly in his mouth.

Little dude still adores his Papa and is getting even more interested in wrestling. Bath time is still a favorite in this house hold. Chad is an extraordinary Father and I am so glad that our Son will always have him in his life. I must say, Geddy boy has become SO wiggly.

As always, a graceful ending.

Happy 6 Months Geddy and Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

you look SO relieved in that first pic.

Haley said...

Oh Hil, my heart just swells looking at that little Geddy. I feel such a connection with him. Maybe because he's your son, I kinda, sorta feel like he's a little bit my son. I know that sounds wierd, but I just love him. And in my opinion, six months and on is when things get really fun. You're in for a great time!