Attempting a Great Escape

Geddy now moves all over the place with his constant rolling. Sleeping is no different. The other day, I walked in to find him like this. He wasn't upset, jut talking to himself, per usual.

I have heard contradicting things about crib bumpers. What are your thoughts? I feel quite confident that he wouldn't get in a position where suffocation would be a fear because he is so mobile.

The pictures are dark because the light was still off. I didn't want him to roll away from this position so I tried to be a little sneaky. You can tell he couldn't figure out why I was taking photos instead of picking him up. Silly little dude. 

What are your thoughts on bumpers. Do you think they are worth it? And at what age? I would love to hear your imput!

Happy Tuesday!



Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

Yes, there are a lot of contradicting things out there on crib bumpers, but I think that mama knows best. With my own personal experience I've always used one from day one with both kids and it's saved both of their legs more than once. And both of my kids were horrible sleepers for the first few months until they could roll over and sleep on their stomachs and they both haveslept with a pillow from the time they could roll over. I think moms know best for their own children and whatever helps them sleep at night is a good thing (after all, we ALL need sleep!)

Haley said...

Ha ha. I love how he's sticking all of his appendages out. I'm with Tracy, there are good arguments are both sides so you are probably safe to make your own decision. With Abby, I worried more about her suffocating than actually breaking a leg, so I went without.

Chad de Lisle said...

I love these pics of Geddy!

Alba said...

hahaha so cute!