Fashionable or Practical?

Alright folks, this has been on my mind since our little dude made an entrance (and quite an entrance it was) into this world. Diaper bags. Every Mama makes a decision of whether they buy a specific diaper bag and loose their purse or if their purse shares responsibility of holding your wallet and a couple of diapers, wipes, and pacifier taboot? We all have to make the difficult choice of loosing a fashionable purse for a doubty diaper bag.

Obviously, there are fancy diaper bags out there. There are the wild printed ones that have become quite the hype the past few years. Yet, I have never been terribly keen of the wild prints. I should restate that, the prints are lovely but I would personally prefer something that looks more like a nice leather purse for such an extravagant price tag that those printed diaper bags have.

So, I started rummaging around online and found some fantastic diaper bags but sadly, they have the fancy price tag too. Just for kicks and giggles, I thought I would share them with you all so we can covet them together.

Amazon- Adore the structure of this one.
Amazon- Really love this one. 

Really handsome diaper bags right? My favorite part, they don't SCREAM diaper bag. They are like, camouflaged practicality. Like a sweater that hides all your chubby parts. Love it. Now, one thing I must say about my lame diaper bag; it has the most AMAZING space ever. I can pack it with everything I would possibly need without a problem. And, it was only $35 at Target. Pretty awesome, I would say.

I know, its super ugly but so handy.
The front flat unzips down, as pictured. Really nifty. There is also another large pocket
on the opposite side. 
Inside the bag. This doesn't even do the space justice.
Very roomy.
The side pockets are my favorite. There is one that zips and
another right next to it that doesn't. Both sides have
these pockets. Amazing.

Though its not the prettiest diaper bag on the block, it is super practical and really convenient. I am always prepared with this bag. AND I am able to keep it incredibly organized because of all the the pockets and zipping sections.

To close (I realize this post is alarmingly long), I am going to show you what I have in my diaper bag currently (I love when people doe these posts). Keep in mind 2 different things: 1) I pack everything I could possibly need, even though I am really a big home-body. Better safe than sorry, right? And 2) this bag isn't even close to being full, its got space for days.

From top left to right: Light blanket. Burp rag. Sun hat. Clean onesie.
Grocery bags (for poopy diapers). Sanitized bottle nipple. Pacifier.
Teething keys. Fishy toy. Diapers Butt Cream. Baby sunblock. Wipes.
Extra nipple shield (in case I have to nurse while out, heaven forbid).
Tampon (better safe than sorry). Pen. Hand sanitizer. Extra formula.
Chapstick. Tissues. Pacifier clip. Lactaid (for me). Changing pad.
Hooter hider (again, in case I have to nurse while out).

I must say that I am ultimately torn. I still cannot decide if I should be practical or fashionable? I don't know if these other fancy bags will be quite as practical as my current boring diaper bag. What would you do?


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Chad de Lisle said...

You should spring for a legit bag-- we're going to be having kids for the next several years. Just drop the dough and go!