Girl Night

Normally known as "Girls" Night, I recently had a Girl Night. Thats right, singular, one girl. I put baby down at 7:30, which was amazing because he has been fighting me tooth and nail lately. The spouse was hanging with a friend so I had time all to myself.

Now, one may find this weird considering I am home all day. But the fact that it was night time and the baby was asleep and I didn't have to worry about cleaning or dread working out, I was able to just do what I wanted.

So, I casually watched some TV while I painted my toe nails and ate cake. That, my friends, is a wonderful Girl Night. I just enjoyed the air conditioning and the quiet and the nothing.

I saw pretty fresh strawberries at the grocery store so I purchased them. Usually people would enjoy a Strawberry Shortcake-esq  dessert with white cake. Well, I thought it would be even better with milk chocolate cake instead. It did not disappoint, my friends. Finished off with a big dollop of whip cream, it was awesome because I could eat a bunch of it because it was so light. Thats what I like in a dessert, when I can eat a whole butt load of it.

Here is a picture of my freshly painted toes. I feel kind of weird showing a picture of my feet. But I did it anyway. I still feel slightly uneasy about it but its too late now. I often prefer reds, purples, pinks, or black (oddly enough) for nail polish but I was bold and busted out the blue. I feel like a 13 year old but quite like its brightness.

Happy Girl Night and Friday!