July 4th Celebration

Though I have been like an old, crabby, lady about all the Holiday crowds, I was excited for the little celebration that my family was doing. We just did a small barbecue and the kids played a bunch of water games. Because our little dude goes to bed pretty early, we didn't do fireworks. Can I be honest though? I'm not a hug fan of fireworks. Here are my reasons:

1. The smoke makes my asthma act up.
2. The noise irritates my pup and wakes my baby.
3. They start fires that make our state burn.

So, I was not terribly sad to miss out on them this year. I know its tradition and I am sure we will carry it on as our family grows but this year, I didn't miss them. 

Geddy was dressed in a super cute patriotic, summery, outfit, which included a cute pair of shoes but once we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's, we discovered our little dude had quite the vengeful blow out. Soiled every article of clothing. So, he was quickly stripped and changed. I had a little sleeper in our diaper bag but because it was SO hot out, we just laid him on his blanket in the shade and he LOVED it. He was happy as could be. 

Grandma Olson and Geddy boy.
This boy loves eating his toes.
He has found his little tongue.
Super comfortable on a hot July evening.
My folk's backyard. I LOVE their yard, so many fond memories.
The hammock in the corner. We've always had one since I was little. 

Volleyball net up, so the kids could play water balloon volleyball.
Kinley, Grant, and Chad.
Because of our diaper blow out, Geddy wore nothing but a diaper on our way home. I felt kind of weird about this but he was totally cool with it. 

On the way home we hit stupid traffic from the stadium of fire. Boo. 
But he didn't mind :)

Happy 4th, Thursday, and God Bless America!


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Haley said...

I love the picture of Grandma and Geddy.

I love the beautiful, giant, green backyard.

I love your yellow glasses.

I HATE stadium of fire traffic. It has foiled my evening many times.