Man, this week has been rough. Geddy has caught a rather mild cold but his sleep has been crazy. He is nearly 6 months old and I believe that has reeked havoc on our youthful schedule of sleeping every hour and a half. He has struggled to fall asleep at night, like, we have to fight him to sleep because he just doesn't want to. 

Also, he has begun to flip on to his tummy at night but then he gets stuck in the corner and wales until we come and flip him over. So I have been get up, 3 times a night sometimes and I am, frankly,exhausted. I feel like we are newborns again questioning when we (myself included) will get a nap for the day. Its exhausting but yet it is my calling.

Sleep is a highly precious thing. I plan to get back on track soon. I really do.

Sleepy Friday!


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