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Loving- My Spouse. I always love him but lately, he has just been so supportive. Last week was a bit of a challenge because Geddy was being a fuss but Chad was so kind and really validated my frustration. He made me feel like I wasn't failing but doing all that I could. Bless him. Bless a good man who listens to his wife's woes.

Reading- I have nearly finished a book I started yesterday. On Monday, I literally read 150 pages while Chad played a video game and Geddy slept. It was the best feeling ever.

Watching- Nothing specific. I have been casually watching Parks and Recreation but just old episodes that I had seen before. Chad and I have been enjoying the Batman Cartoon in the evenings though. That show is awesome...even if its a cartoon.

Thinking About- Well, little dude has started solids which unfortunately, has wreaked havoc on his digestive system. To say it as politely as possible, he has been feeling a little backed up. We have made changes to his diet and I believe (fingers crossed) that we have got things under control.

Anticipating- Two things actually. This Friday we are going to Lagoon with Chad's family. I am excited and nervous all at once. Geddy can be slightly unpredictable so I am just hoping he will be as pleasant as possible and will be preparing for the next few days. My diaper bag will be full of solutions to any problem Geddy throws at us. Also, we are going to Bear Lake for a week at the end of August. Again, I am both excited and nervous. I have never vacationed with a baby and fear it will just be more stressful than a vacation. Here hopes it goes well!

Listening To- The new Passion Pit CD (AMAZING) and a little of the newest Tallest Man CD. Both are amazing and they make me happy inside.

Working On- This last weekend I just finished doing some Spring cleaning (I realized we are well into the Summer). We store a ridiculous amount of stuff under our tall bed. I went through and pulled everything out and de-junked. Conclusion: we have books coming out of our ears. We do not even have room for all of them. I'm glad that project is over.

Wishing- Wishing I could buy my spouse all the fun things for his birthday coming up. Chad and I do like to splurge around birthdays but we didn't want to over do it. Hopefully Chad will feel the warm fuzzies on his special day!

Thats life in a nut shell for us right now!

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

I liked this little update on your blog. I love hearing little details about day-to-day lives. You'll have a great time on your little trips. Just try not to freak out when Geddy inevitably has a meltdown (this coming from ME, who always freaks out). :)