A Much Needed Date Night

Last night, Chad and I were able to get away for a few hours of alone time. It was a really rough week last week and I was feeling so tired and worn out. Desperate for some time with my spouse. Luckily, Grandma Glenna came to the rescue!

Chad and I were able to grab a bite to eat AND see a movie. I cannot tell you how amazing it was. Eating yummy food than going and eating popcorn (yes, I still had popcorn), in a dark cold theater. It was so amazing to just kick back and put the Momma duties on the back burner for a few hours. We saw Moonrise Kingdom and I really loved it.

Of course, I got teary eyed through several previews and leaned over to tell Chad that we wouldn't be seeing those because I would cry through the whole thing. I left missing my baby boy and we ended the night with Coke Slurpees. Oh Coke Slurpees, you are like my heroine. You run through my veins and make me feel so good.

For dinner, we went to a new, local, place called Cubby's. Its an amazing sandwich place that uses only fresh, local, products (including their beef and chicken!) It was seriously amazing, we could tell that the food was great quality and plan to go back for more!

Also, yum.

Oh what a wonderful date night. I am such a lucky girl and was so grateful to have a night with my spouse. It has revitalized my groggy spirit and given me the energy to be a #1 Momma.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

I love your cute shirt! And Utah County just keeps getting more and more yummy local eats. I wanted to lick me computer screen when I saw that sandwich. Be still, my heart.

Chad de Lisle said...

Can we eat at Cubby's again tonight?