Pants Hat

Last week, Geddy had enough of the day and began to fuss. This is not surprising for our little man once we pass 5:30pm, it becomes fuss city.

One particular night he really had enough. If he begins to fuss too early and we're not ready to give him a bath, we will take off his clothes and just hang out in a diaper. He LOVES to be naked, its almost worrisome.

Because I was feeling especially tuckered out, Chad wrangled the little dude and took off Geddy's pants. Immediately, we see a slight change in attitude so Chad thought it would be funny to put his pants on his head.

Thats when we had Pants Hat.

Yes, that is a string of drool.

He loves his Daddy.

You can see that after Pants Hat, came rowdy wrestling with Daddy (one of the little dude's favorite pass times). Soon after a quick wrestle, bath time arrived, and then off to bed!

In other Geddy news, we tried rice cereal for the first time. There were no tears but he wasn't terribly keen on it either. I'm pretty sure he didn't swallow any of it.

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

I love his blue eyes! It is interesting that he finds such solace in being bare. Hmmm ...