Review: Cupcakes

Usually, I prefer baking my own goodies but sometimes, on a Sunday night at about 9 pm, the Spouse and I have a craving for something baked but super fast. Luckily, I had purchased this little mix several weeks ago and it was just what we were looking for.

Though these seemed suspect to me, they were also very intriguing. My main concerns were obviously, the cream filling. It was too simple to possibly be good. Even while I was squeezing it out of the little pouch, I thought the consistency was odd.

As directed, fill them up half way, add cream, then cover them up with more batter. 

Finished product!

Still a little warm. 

Chad and I were both pleasantly surprised! They were definitely not homemade goodness but for a box AND for being cream filled, I was a fan. I plan to purchase these again for one of those nights where I need something tasty and fast. And the cream turned out to be quite pleasant. For a box mix, I was rather impressed.

Happy Baking and Thursday!


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