Shoe of the Day and The Heat

Man, July is not my favorite month because it is so, unbelievably, warm. As many may know, I am not friendly to heat. I become a different person. Highly snappy and unpredictable. I prefer the cooler months.

Even though we have 2 widow AC units, I can not get cool enough. I am not the only one. After our walks with the Pup each day, she comes home and flattens herself out so she can cool off. Usually, she would jump up in one of her doggy beds (yes, she has a few) and nap but during these Summer months, she doesn't want anything making her warmer than necessary. She is, in fact, getting a hair cut this week so I hope that will allow her to cool down a bit faster.

Also, a quick shoe of the day! Little dude has some super cute shoes and I have done a bad job at documenting them. Some of them he didn't even get to wear because it was too warm! The other day, he was just going casual in a onesie (I love those days) so we put on a pair. He was quite taken by them and wanted them in his mouth, as pictured.

The socks and shoes came off immediately after. 
Taken with my phone, just look at those thighs! 

Stay hip Captain! Happy Satruday!



Amanda said...

Oh my goodness those shoes are simply adorable!

By Larissa said...

Nice blog babe.
Cool photos.

Haley said...

The heat here is SO bad too. It's painful to be in the suns rays. Oh I hope it cools off soon so my face stops melting.

Chad de Lisle said...

Love those pics of Pooter! She hot and tired :)