S'more Brownies

A few days ago, I saw a recipe for S'more Brownies and just had to give it a try. Usually, I prefer baking something at least once BEFORE presenting them to an audience but this last Sunday, I was a brave little toaster and made them for the first time for the Olson Family Dinner. 

They were baking literally up to the point of me walking out the door. They cooled on the floor of my vehicle and I was SO nervous about them the entire time. Chad had to talk me away from the edge, I swear. The original recipe suggests a much shorter baking time than what worked for me. Granted, I don't have the highest technological oven, its mustard yellow which hints that its from the 70's. 

Though I was nervous, they turned out to be a REAL success! They are chocolatey delicious yet the marshmallows brown up nicely giving it that nutty, smokey, flavor that is required for any S'more. I would totally suggest this recipe to anyone because the ingredients are SO simple but do suggest caution with the baking time. You will have to figure out what works best for you. 

Marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Delightful ingredients. 
Ooey gooey, the pic doesn't do them justice.

Happy Baking Wednesday AND Happy 4th!


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