Stacking Bracelets. So Close...

So, I love fashion. Clothes, shoes, accessories. I adore all of it. Fashion is a way to express yourself and is an art. For me, its always been a fun hobby. Sometimes, I will come across fashion trends that I just can't get. Or that I am not comfortable wearing.

One that I have been battling is the stacked bracelets/watches. The look is eccentric and I really love it.

The problem: it drives me CRAZY to have all these clanking, sometimes dangerous, accessories on my wrist. I am kinda afraid I will knock out my son if I accidently bump his little head with these metal and plastic accessories.

Love the combination of feminine and rocker with this one. Pinterest 
Gold pretties but a bit too much bling for me. Pinterest 
Awesome colors. Boho sheek. Pinterest
LOVE the wrap around watch with this one. Pinterest 

Thus, here is my simplified attempt to accomplish this style trend. I am happy with the outcome but frankly, I will take them off after this picture is taken. The noise bothers me and they almost tickle my arm. I feel like I am going batty! Oh to suffer for fashion.

Pretty much all of these were gifts from my Mother-in-Law, except for the red one.
I took these pictures while standing in the shower. I wasn't showering but found the best lighting there. I don't know why I am sharing this...too late.

Stay stylish and Happy Tuesday!



Haley said...

I think my favorite combo is actually the BoHo ones ... which is so not like me.

Diana said...

Oh I love number two! :)

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Even if you took them off after the picture it still looked lovely! I am always like that with accessories, I will walk out of the house with them on and by the end of the evening I have stripped most of them off because of some kind of annoyance! haha