Starting Solids

So, we finally started on solids. I should have started earlier but frankly he had a cold and...well...I didn't want to yet. Weird? I don't know. But we started off and it actually went so great. 

There was no crying! He doesn't quite get the whole swallowing and chewing thing but I actually think he really ate some of it. I followed the instructions on the box and so it was really watery because it was one of our first times trying it. Thus the incredible wetness on the bib. We even got to the point where he was yelling and grunting in between bites because he wanted more and he wanted it faster. AND he kept grabbing for the spoon.  

He is my good boy who loves his food just like his Mama and Papa. 

After. He looks so satisfied. 
We have since had rice cereal everyday for a week and he is doing great.

On a different note, I want to document a moment that I had today. It was a moment that I never wanted to forget because it was so special. When Geddy nurses, he always has one hand that flails, sometimes violently. He is usually smacking me on the chest or grabbing at my face/lips (also, when he nurses, he is a master lounger. He lounges as if he owns the place, funniest thing). When getting smacked in the face, I usually end up grabbing his little arm and say "Be nice to Mama" then I follow that by kissing his little hand.

Normally, Geddy will just look away without a second thought and continue on with his lounging nursing session. But today, after Geddy clawed at my lips, I grabbed his cute little wondering hand and said "Be nice to Mama" and continued by kissing his little fingers and open palm. This time he stopped nursing, looked at me, and cooed. This little dude who usually yells or makes gurgling monster noises, cooed at his Mama. Following an innocent little coo was a gentle little giggle. Not a belly laugh, not a cackle, but a gentle little giggle. It was almost as to say "Sorry Mama, don't be mad". It warmed my heart and showed how old he is getting. One of the sweetest moments I've had.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

What a cutie. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets smacked - and pretty hard - while nursing. :)

Zach Stewart said...

That was so adorable...must not cry during work.