Station 22 Cafe

This weekend for our date night, Chad and I ventured to somewhere new. I had heard really great things about Station 22 Cafe in Provo and was eager to give it a try. After trying Cubby's for the first time and absolutely loving it, I was really optimistic to try another local restaurant.

To start, I am all about good customer service for any business. I worked retail for a long time, including Nordstrom, where customer service is a huge priority. When I go to a store or restaurant I expect to see friendly people who are willing to help. I am confident that it effects the success of any business. Upon arriving at Station 22 Cafe, I had some questions about the food and tried making subtle conversation with the girl at the cash register. The girl came off as snotty and uninterested. The place wasn't super busy so its not like anyone was in a huge hurry. I asked questions about when it opened and how big their basket of fries were and she acted like I was some fool who wasn't street wise. The thing was, its not like she was that awesome herself. Its not like at Pizzeria 712 where the people who work there seem legitimately hip and cool so they deserve to be slightly aloof but are always very pleasant. This girl was the worst. That experience right there bothered me significantly. And I, who can make things seriously awkward if desired, was being very nice and friendly.

The food was...okay. To be fair, the last new place that we tried (Cubby's) has become my new favorite so this place had a small chance of being better, in my eyes. I got the Club Sandwich. It was good but that was about it. The flavors were nice but there wasn't much of a wow factor for me. The fries were "meh", decent seasoning but mushy and left a strong aftertaste that I wasn't terribly fond of. Chad got the Chicken Memphis Sandwich which he wasn't thrilled about, he didn't even finish it (and we are big eaters, we finish everything).

Club Sandwich

Chicken Memphis Sandwich
Battered French Fries

So overall, it was alright. It wasn't horrible but the fact that I had a terrible experience with that girl at the register, really soured the whole experience for me. Note to self, if I ever have a business that requires customer interaction, avoid hiring snotty college students who wear yellow bows in their hair.

Happy Satruday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

My sandwich was soggy, and the delicious Memphis rub on the chicken was completely overshadowed by some sort of cinnamon/vinegar sauce on the slaw. Will not eat it again. Overall, the experience was forgettable.