Sunday Dinner (Picture Overload)

This Sunday was another Olson Family Dinner. Its always such a treat to get together and I thought I would capture some pictures (or tons) for those who aren't able to attend. We had such a wonderful time at Eric and Elizabeth's house but definitely missed those who couldn't be there!

The 3 amigos. Ashley, Karina, and Katie.
Justin, Holly, Eric, and Kimball.
Grant and Kinley
Little Playhouse.
Katie, Karina, Ashley, and Kinley.
Maggie and Justin. 
Katie and Kimball.
Our delightful hostess, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth's Lemonade Cake (AMAZING).
The colors were suppose to be yellow and blue. Nailed it!

Sadly, our little dude has a cold and stayed home with Daddy. Chad was so kind to let me go and have some fun after a grueling night before. Geddy decided to get up 4 times Saturday night. Poor guy didn't feel good.

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

Thanks for all of the pictures! It's so fun to see everyone! I miss each and everyone of these wonderful people.

Chad de Lisle said...

i want lemonade cake...