Shoe of the Day and Menswear Trend

Thought I would throw up a quick shoe of the day before I go run errands. This pair I am particularly fond of. When they arrived in the mail, I immediately put them on and showed my brother in law, Aj. He was very good and told me how cool they were. Well done brother dear, you knew just what to say. 

I got these on a killer sale on Gap.com. Did you know they nearly always have 25% off, as well as 30% off additional on sale stuff? Almost all the time. Its kind of a trap.  

My favorite thing about them are the colors. The mustard yellow and navy blue. So preppy, I feel like I should go to a Country Club and wear an ascot. Plus, they are comfortable as ever.

On a similar note, I loved the segment in this month's Lucky Magazine that highlighted the current Menswear Trend. I loved it. I feel like these loafers fit perfectly with that trend. And can we look at that bag they suggest?! I wish that was a diaper bag, so gorgeous.

That BAG! Fantastic. Love the shoes.
Geddy thought it was interesting as well. 

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I want a cardigan the color of those shoes!

Haley said...

Love those shoes! I love the tailored masculine trend.