7 Months!

**I am really annoyed with how poorly these pictures turned out. My camera was doing weird things and the lightly was apparently wonky. My apologies. Also, this  post is super long.  

Wowee wow. 7 months already. What a wonderful (and insane) 7 months its been. Geddy is doing all sorts of things and his personality is really coming out. I will be entirely honest, 6 months was quite a challenge for me. Geddy really started to realize when he wanted something, he was able to throw some mini tantrums, and he needed to be entertained 24/7. Though he is a super happy boy, he will surely tell you when something isn't right. Our little dude loves to look around and see things so he likes to be held a lot. He doesn't want to be held so he can get cuddles, no sir, he wants to be bounced or walked around or sitting up while looking at a book or toy. He isn't cuddly at all. I found myself feeling really flustered and exhausted because he was wanting entertainment or wanted to be jumping around the clock. When he is on the ground by himself, he wiggles and moves constantly. He is all over the place these days.

Though 6 months was a challenge for me, I feel like I am finally getting used to Geddy's mobility and curiosity. I can anticipate when he is getting bored and quickly distract him with his exersaucer, jumper (from Aunt Elizabeth, bless you!) or a walk with the pup. We've had to adjust to his new found mobility. Geddy is rolling EVERYWHERE. He has started to try and get away during diaper changes. I have to keep a really close eye on him so that he doesn't find chords, controllers, or Bobbie's toys (which he has, many times). 

This was the ONLY pic I could get with him not harassing Murphy the Moose.

Our little dude is a pretty good sleeper. He sleeps really good at night, maybe waking up once in the early morning. Napping really isn't his expertise. We try and have our naps last AT LEAST an hour long but that is pushing it. In the end, I would rather have a good night sleeper than napper anyway. Geddy boy, as always, LOVES his Daddy. When Chad walks in the room he doesn't just smile but he moves and grooves to show his excitement. When I walk in the room, I get a calm little smile, Mama is old news to him. 

This was the 4th picture I took. He is wiggling so much now.

Jumping. As mentioned above, our little monster loves to jump. We get countless comments from those who old him about how much he demands to be jumped and how strong he is. He has always been a strong little lad but we are blown away by his jumping capabilities and his endurance. My spectacular sister-in-law Elizabeth, let us borrow her little jumping seat that we hook to a door frame. To say that Geddy enjoys it would be fiercely downplaying his passion for this thing. If the jumper could feed him and change his diapers, Geddy would have no need for his Ma and Pop. 


Eating, as always, is one of Geddy's favorite activites. Whether it be nursing or eating solids, he is always up for it. He has been doing really well with the transition to solids, being particularly fond of the fruits, veggies, and juice. He isn't especially keen on the cereal though. We have resolved any problems with constipation, in case you were wondering. Geddy has finally figured out how to put his pacifier back in his mouth properly. He has always preferred the NUK brand pacifiers, which are a bit trickier to get in your mouth. 

Reaching for the camera.

Geddy loves to be tickled and to laugh boisterously. He has started to make little puppy noises when he is a slightly sad, it is very adorable and manipulating. I have noticed that Geddy has begun to reach for things, sometimes even people. For example, he was sitting upright at my feet and he decided he didn't want to be there anymore so he rotated his body and reached up my leg so I would pick him up. He doesn't do it all the time but it happens more often these days. 

Sitting up all by himself.

Geddy is finally sitting up by himself. He does get a little tipsy but for the most part he has it down. I still place something behind him just in case. Geddy loves going to either Grandma's house because its new scenery and fun people to look at. He really loves watching his fellow cousins because they are usually running, dancing, singing, or screaming. He could be entertained for hours. Lastly, Geddy and Bobbie are becoming fast buddies. Geddy continues to reach for his big sissy pup and she continues to dance around him, eager to play. We will definitely have to teach him some limits once he gets even more mobile so that Bobbie doesn't get sneak attacked during her naps.

Big sissy ready to play.

This little dude is teaching me patience and boundless love. I am so grateful to be with him every single day and look forward to watching him grow but it is bittersweet. I was looking at newborn pictures of him and he was so tiny and such a little fighter. I'm honored to by his Mama.

Happy Tuesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I love the pics of bobby and him.

Haley said...

I think your pictures turned out great! Someday I'll buy a decent camera. Anyway, the last picture is my favorite. Geddy is looking at Bobby like, "Well, excuuuuse me." He's such a darling baby. I will never tire of bald, toothless, chunky babies.

Zach Stewart said...

I love the 4th picture. Him and Bobby are awesome together. Can't wait for his best friend to come so they can roll as a wolf pack!