Bear Lake

Oh, Bear Lake. So many fond memories. This trip was the first vacation we have taken with Geddy. I would describe this as the trip with the highest highs and the lowest lows. Its an entirely different ball game when vacationing with a baby. 

When we vacation with the Olsons, it is loud and happy. There is always someone to play with or talk to and it is so much fun and exhausting (in a good way). There are kids everywhere and a surprising amount of structure which often includes a schedule, courtesy of Ron Olson. My Dad could herd cats if he wanted to, he is so structured, I love it.

When we vacation with the de Lisles, it is totally different but in the best way. There is no tight schedule that we have to stick to, the only thing that is required is to rest, relax, and have fun. Because there are only a few of us, it is a much more intimate setting so you really feel like you have spent time with everyone. Geddy being the only Grandchild is the center of attention and gets spoiled rotten with love. You can sleep whenever you want to, eat anything you want, we called it a "Freeder Week". I am SO lucky to have the best of both worlds. I absolutely love it. Here are a ridiculous amount of pictures of this and that from our trip.

Father and Son.
From the Cabin's entry way. It was a pretty awesome place.
The wall decor. SO not my style, I nearly stood on my soap box but refrained.
Lots of guitar playing.
Little Dude happy in the mornings. 
Love his furrowed brow.
Jordy and Katie. They both look awesome even when they first wake up.

Rather than going into grand detail, I am going to list the 3 highest highs and lowest lows of the trip. 

- Chad's amazing Birthday Celebration.
- Spending time with our amazing family and ALL of their help with the baby.
- Being in a beautiful place and spending time on the lake.
* A bonus good thing: Seeing my Pup thrive outdoors. Chad described it as seeing the farm dog come out of her. She was so at peace, it was incredible to see.

View from the Cabin's wrap around deck. This was Bobbie's favorite place.

Felt totally at home on her perch.
She was in Heaven.

- Geddy getting stung by a hornet. The fact that we didn't have phone service when it happened so we had to drive to town to call our pediatrician. Poor babe.
- The major lack of sleep. Geddy actually slept like a dream but I am use to getting a daily nap which I didn't get, I know, I am spoiled.
- Geddy screaming on the boat because he was so tired from missing his nap the first day and then, simultaneously, the boat dying in the middle of the lake. Chad finally put Geddy in a sleeper hold (not a real one) and bounced the poor little dude to sleep. It was literally the perfect storm.
* A bonus bad thing: The cabin owners have 3 cats and 2 large dogs that shed. To anyone who knows me well realizes that I am super allergic to both. There was cat hair all over our bed and the floors, everywhere. I was seriously worried that I was going to suffocate in the night. Luckily, I brought my inhaler which I used religiously as well as allergy meds. It actually turned out okay. 

Something that was unexpected, was the that there was no internet, TV, or cell phone service. This was, sadly, traumatizing to me. Its terrible but I will be first to admit that I use all of those things, DAILY. When I unwind at night, I love to look at my Google Reader, Blog, check out Instagram, etc. Going without was humbling and totally good for me. I am not going to lie, I loved coming home and seeing that I had 200+ unread items in my Reader. Because we had some down time, the family loved playing ping pong in the basement. The de Lisle men are super good at ping pong so they were nice and took it easy on me. It was super fun though, we were all grateful that the table was there. 

Chad playing with his new ping pong paddle from his Birthday!

The cabin that we stayed at was not our family's, it was a friend's of my Mother-in-Law. It was pretty awesome, Chad's folks were amazing and gave us the master bedroom. We ended up having Geddy sleep in the Bathroom that was connected to our room only and it worked out perfectly. Geddy slept really well, especially after the first day or two. Thank heaven! 

Breakfast as a Family.

Though the trip came with some major challenges, it ended on a high note and made us feel confident that we could do it again. Chad's family is wonderful and was so willing to help in any way possible. Unfortunately, they saw a side of me that probably wasn't the most charming because I was exhausted and flustered but they claim to love me regardless, good people :)

Happy Monday!



Chad de Lisle said...

It was the WORSTBEST vacation I've ever been on!

Haley said...

What a fun vacation (mostly)! It looks like the delizzles know how to just hang out and enjoy eachother. It's wonderful how close you are to all of them. Also, Ty loves ping pong too! He used to play at work and he'd come home and give me a play-by-play. Ping pong can be serious business.