Chad's Birthday

**We celebrated Chad's Birthday in the evening while Geddy was asleep, thats why you don't see him in the pictures. Also, the pictures are a little dark for the same reason :)

While at Bear Lake, Chad had his Birthday! Its hard to have a Birthday Party while on vacation. I was concerned that it would be swept away with all the other fun but Chad's family made it a major priority. Bless them. We started the day with just the kids going boating (Grandma and Grandpa stayed at the cabin with Geddy, will explain why tomorrow). It was such a blast. I don't know any brothers as close as Chad, Jordy, and Aj. Its absolutely incredible! When they get together, its an uproar of laughter. I love it.

After boating, the whole family went to Logan for the afternoon. We ran some errands and then ordered Pizza, which we picked up in Garden City on the way home. When we arrived home, Katie (Jordy's girlfriend) and I did some light decorating for our little party. You can see the difference. I don't know what Katie did but she has her streamer skills down. Mine, on the otherhand, looks like I was t.p.ing the cabin. I apparently need to work on that.  

Katie's streamer decor. She is a pro!
My attempt at decorating...so close.
Per Chad's request, Pizza for dinner!

Chad recieved tons of amazing gifts. From DVDS and Comics, to new Running Shoes and a Pool Table Paddle. He was so excited for all the gifts and everyone was so incredibly generous. The de Lisle's are great partiers. 

His new running shoes.

Something I love about my darling is that he is a total kid at heart. He is so happy, creative, and spirited. For Chad's party, he requested Pizza while watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the first movie). He was so giddy! Total nostalgia. Ninja Turtles was a childhood favorite of Chad's.  

Yes, we own the box set of movies.
Everyone enjoying the film.
Got you Aj.
Chad, Jordy, and Katie.
Birthday Boy.
I didn't wear makeup once on this trip. Go me.

After presents and the movie, we busted out cake and ice cream. Per tradition, the de Lisles always put the number of candles to match the age celebrated. So, of course, there were 27 candles.

27 Candles.
Triple chocolate cake.

Chad says this was one of his favorite birthdays ever. I am so relieved that he enjoyed himself. He definitely deserves a day to celebrate.

The de Lisle clan. We love you Chad!

Happy Sunday!



Elizabeth said...

How fun! I love how often Chad is out of town on his birthday! Love the ninja turtle themed party- including Pizza! Cowabunga! As for the streamers: Nailed it! Love you HIL!

Haley said...

I've missed your posts! This looks like an awesome party! I love the pictures of everyone eating pizza and watching the movie in the cabin. What a fun night with the fam. I'm sure Geddy would be ticked if he knew he missed it. :) Send my birthday wishes to Chad!

Chad de Lisle said...

It was one of the very best birthdays I've ever had! Thanks Hil, you made it so special!